Friday, January 6, 2012

Four More Quilts

These four beauties arrived in a large box and I knew immediately it was HOB quilts.
Scotti McCarthy's Columbine Quilt Guild in Colorado has been so generous and faithful to the cause. I am very grateful for their continued help, it means that I always have a couple of finished quilts on hand for whenever I locate the family of a fallen hero. That's the toughest job, believe it or not, and very time consuming as I must comb the internet searching for leads that may bring me into contact with a bereaved family.
So if anyone who may come across this blog has information on one of these families who has not yet received a memorial quilt I would be very happy if you would leave me a comment to that effect or send me an email-the link is on my profile info- so I can contact you.
Blessings and many thanks to the Columbine Guild.

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