Friday, May 30, 2014

Final Salute

This is the title of a Pulitzer award book by Jim Sheeler,  given to me by Sam Holder father of Fallen Hero SSGT.Theodore "Sam" Holder who gave his life in the service of  his Country, November 11th. 2004 in Iraq. As Colorado Coordinator for Home Of The Brave Quilt Project, I had given a memorial quilt to the Holder family and Sgt. Holder's Dad kindly sent me this book.
The book details the stories of some of the many who have died and the selfless service also of the soldiers tasked with bringing the dreadful news to the families and of their efforts to support the families in their grieving.
It's a book worth reading especially timely in view of the Memorial Day we have observed this past week.
May God's Mercy and Grace be upon them.

Monday, December 2, 2013

In Memory of Sgt. Sean Durkin

This quilt was just sent to the family of another Fallen Hero. 
Sgt. Durkin gave his life in the service of his country April 9th. 2010.
 Hand quilted by a Colorado quilter to honor a Military Hero.
Gone from among us but never forgotten, our love and prayers go out to his grieving family.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Notes From The Families

Dear Roslyn,

The beautiful quilt arrived yesterday.  What a labor of love to honor our son.

Many thanks to you and all who participate in this wonderful blessing.

Thank you again.


Tari D. Cofield 

Mother of Sgt.Mark Cofield


I just wanted to let you know we received the quilt. It is beautiful thank you so much. 

Loretta Smith
 Mother of Sgt. Jason Smith 


Ms. Atwood:

I wanted to let you know that I have received the quilt you mailed me and I LOVE IT.  Thank you so very much!  The story is also interesting - I did not know what that commission did, but do now.

It is a beautiful quilt and again, I truly appreciate your generosity and what your chapter is doing for the fallen heroes of the US military branches.

God Bless,

Natalie Bittner

Mother of Sgt. Nathan Byers


  Thank you again for the quilt!  We received it and it is beautiful.  We have a special place to display it in honor of Brandon and others who have fallen.  Blessings to you and all others involved with this project.


Father of LCpl. Brandon Pearson

Friday, June 15, 2012

Seven Quilts Prepared

 In memory of...............

 Sgt. Nathan R. Beyers, USA, July 7th. 2011, Iraq.
For his Mother.

 Sgt. Mark A. Cofield, USA, July 17th. 2011, Iraq.
For his parents.

 Cpl. Brandon W. Pearson, USMC, November 4th. 2010, Afghanistan
For his parents.

 Spc. Justin E. Culbreth, USA, November 17th. 2010, Afghanistan.
For his parents

 Sgt. Jason T. Smith, USMC, November 19th. 2010, Afghanistan.
For his parents.

 Sgt. Faith R. Hinkley, USA, August 7th. 2010, Iraq.
For her parents. 

 Sgt. Vorasack T. Xaysana, USA, April 10th. 2011, Iraq.
For his family.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Prepping More Quilts

Last week I was able to locate the families of three more Fallen Heroes, Sgt. Vorasack Xaysana, Sgt. Faith Hinkley and Sgt. Jason Smith.
I have only one finished CW replica soldier's quilt on hand so I must quilt and bind two more. There are half a dozen letters out to prospective family members, if any of those come back as positive contacts I will need to quilt up some more. Fortunately there is a good stock of tops here from which to draw, many with backings and a couple with bindings prepared. I still have to make the labels and print up the paperwork, which is fairly time consuming so I expect the pepping of these quilts will take me a week or two.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CPL.Donahue's Mom Says.......

Roslyn, I wanted to write my thank you but don't have a mailing address for you.  Please let this email suffice.

I want to thank you and the other quilters for making such a beautiful remembrance of Max.  I've gotten very sweet gifts that keep him alive and with us and your quilt will be added to these treasures.  My mother used to hand quilt and I know it takes a good deal of time so please know I appreciate your efforts and your thoughtfulness.


Julie Schrock
Proud mother of Corporal Max and Ryan Donahue

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SSgt.Theodore Samuel Holder and Cpl.Max W.Donahue

In memory of SSgt.Theodore Samuel Holder, USMC, KIA November 11th.2004, Iraq
For Sam's parents.

In memory of Cpl.Max W. Donahue, USMC, KIA August 7th. 2010, Afghanistan
For Max's Mother.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Mother's Gratitude

This kind note was sent by the grieving mother of Cpl.Jason La Fleur and it is posted here with her permission.

Kei Torres wrote:
I wanted to let you know that I got the quilt Saturday. It is beautiful and takes my breathe away. Thank you so very much for this beautiful quilt. I will be wrapping myself up in the cold evenings and remembering your kindness and the kindness of all who contributed to this very special quilt.

I am constantly touched by the kindness of strangers who honor and remember our service members.

Please pass along my gratitude to all who participated and created this special quilt.

Thank you again so very much.

Kei Torres
Very Proud Gold Star Mom of
Cpl Jason K. LaFleur
KIA 04 Aug 2007 OIF

Friday, March 2, 2012

From A Mom

A lovely note from the mother of PFC.Christopher Horns, posted with her permission.

I received the quilt that was made for our son Christopher. It is just beautiful and perfectly constructed...thank you so much for your love and support for the families of the fallen. As I opened the box that contained the quilt and read the names in the blocks I felt the hugs and love from each person named there....of course I cried as I turned the quilt over to read the inscription on the back. Thank you so much I will cherish this quilt and proudly present it in our home on Chris' memorial wall.
I miss Chris more than ever and my heart still aches for him to return and hug me with his big strong arms...I have to remind myself that will not happen in the physical world. I did have a dream just the other night that he gave me a hug and said he was okay the dream I remember carrying a bath towel and I cried it wet with tears.
Again thank you and I'm so proud that us families that have not chosen this path of heartache have someone like you to love us and show your kindness upon us.
Tammy Horns